Black 11oz mug with green and yellow-gold text that says "Don't talk to me until I've SCUMMED FOR BONUSES"

Scum for Bonuses Mug

By: Jenna Stoeber

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Give me a moment, give me a moment, I have to see... if I have any more points... Did I already add my +2 morale bonus for caffeine? This mug lets everyone know that you're not ready to say what you rolled on your morning perception check just yet. You can never have too many mugs, especially ones that let you buy a little more time to finish your coffee.

Burnt Cook Book Party is a time-loop comedy actual play show, featuring an original campaign based on Pathfinder. Four heroes of varying skills, attractiveness, and stupidity, race to prevent a war - and to prevent a timeloop from resetting the whole game! Featuring the talents of game master Justin Green, host Jenna Stoeber as Astra Blep, Caitlin Stayduhar as Patty Hurts, Andrew Hansen as Janni Brightchild, and Paul Luetkemeyer as Zelf.

New episodes released biweekly. Listen at!

11oz black ceramic mug with one-sided printing. Hand-wash only recommended.

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