The cover of "Some Faraway Place" by "Lauren Shipped". The cover is an illustration of a person looking into a swamp with trees and lily pads. There is also a yellow, signed bookplate that says "Ex Libris".

Some Faraway Place: Signed Paperback

By: Atypical Artists

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Get a copy of Some Faraway Place with a signed bookplate from Lauren Shippen!

Some Faraway Place, the third Bright Sessions novel from creator Lauren Shippen, features Rose, who has her humdrum life flipped upside down when she starts to travel into dreams.

Rose’s mother can see the future. Her father can move things with his mind. Her brother, Aaron, can read thoughts. And Rose, well… she makes a mean spaghetti bolognese.

Everyone else in her family is Atypical, which means they manifested an ability that defies the limits of the human experience. At nineteen, well past the average age of manifestation, Rose is stuck defending her decision not to go to college and instead work in the kitchen of a local restaurant, hoping to gain the experience she needs to become a chef.

When a Rollerblading accident sends her to the hospital, she meets a girl she can't forget, and she starts to feel like maybe her life isn't quite so small. But when she starts falling asleep mid-conversation, only to find herself in other peoples' dreams, she thinks, Then again maybe I’m doomed to never have good things.

Rose should be happy—diving into dreams makes her a part of her family in the way she's always wanted. But the more time she spends in the dreamworld, the more complicated her ability becomes. Trying to balance her work, her power, and her girlfriend who doesn’t know about Atypicals, Rose seeks help. But she soon discovers that dreamdiving comes with dangers she never could have imagined. Even her carefully constructed dreamworld isn’t safe.

This is the story of Atypical Rose, who discovers that dreams coming true isn’t always a good thing.

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