A light and dark blue pin shaped like a Mola Mola fish.

Mola Mola Pin

By: Bizarre Beasts

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This fish has been called many things. Their translated-to-English name from Taiwan is “The Fish That Looks Like A Toppled Car.” In Poland they’re called “Just A Head.” Native Hawai’ians once called them “Big Eyes Placed On It.” In ancient-Rome it was sometimes called the Pig-Fish because it grunts when pulled from the water.

Today we call this lumpy and magnificent fish the Mola Mola, and they are most-certainly one of the most Bizarre Beasts we’ve ever covered. For example, they’re born from an egg-clutch that’s greater in quantity than the entire adult population of the species. Newborns are about as long as a grain of rice, and can grow up to sixty-million times their size. While they have very strong jaws, they don’t chew their food – they suck jellyfish in and out over their three teeth until their food shreds into small enough size to be digested.

The Mola Mola was so bizarre that Hank featured it as his very first Bizarre Beast, though we never got around to making a pin – until now! We’ve included a newly designed Mola Mola pin in our brand new Bizarre Beasts Season Zero Pin Set! Current subscribers of the Bizarre Beasts Pin Club, like you, are given exclusive access to the Mola Mola Pin outside of the whole set.

Complete your collection, and get your exclusive Mola Mola Pin made just for you.


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