The cover of a book with a yellow background and a title that reads "15-second recipes; A cookbook for busy people; By Brendan Leonard" with an illustration of a hand holding berries in the middle. From Semi Rad.
The back of a yellow book with the Semi Rad logo at the bottom and a barcode.

15-Second Recipes: A Cookbook For Busy People

By: Semi Rad

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Brendan Leonard's 15-Second Recipes is a cookbook for busy people-no, like really, REALLY busy. Maybe you read the title and thought "Oh wow, 15-Minute Recipes, sounds good." Well, you thought wrong. These are 15-SECOND recipes, that you can prepare in 15 seconds or less-from easy dishes anyone can prepare, like Several Bites Out of a Block of Cheese, to more complex classics like Tortilla Chips from Bottom of Bag Poured Into a Jar of Salsa and Eaten With a Spoon. Maybe you have some questions: How many recipes are there? (25) Are they any good? (I mean, "any good" is pretty subjective) Will this book make you, or the person you're gifting it to, laugh? (Maybe, but no guarantees) Is the illustrator an actual adult? (Legally, yes)
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