The Cool Cryptid Compendium
The Cool Cryptid Compendium

The Cool Cryptid Compendium

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Oh, hello there intrepid adventurer, thank you for visiting our humble shop. What goods are you looking for today? 

Nothing physical? Well perhaps it is knowledge that you are seeking. Let me look to see what we have... Not much... But, there is this notebook from the famed adventurers Eric Silver and Julia Schifini. I've heard that they've traveled the world far and wide and this notebook, well, it's the culmination of their travels. Contained within are their notes on 20 different creatures from the farthest reaches of this planet. 

You'll take it? Excellent. Would you like this in paper, plastic, or a bag of holding? 


The Cryptid compendium is the system neutral manual with stats and descriptions of 20 different creatures from folklore around the world! Written by Eric Silver and Julia Schifini. Illustration and design by Zoe Polando Ryder

** The download includes one 23 page pdf. All digital product sales are final. If you have difficulty downloading your file, please contact customer service at

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