Supply Chain Possible Delays

Image of the Los Angeles shipping port covered in shipping containers with more ships waiting to unload in the background.Image of many shipping trucks jumbled together on a highway.

It feels like we’re seeing news stories and articles everywhere about supply chain disruptions and shipping delays. At DFTBA, we’re working hard to keep tabs on these delays and we’re constantly in communication with our manufacturers and shipping companies to determine the most accurate timelines for when products will arrive! In most cases, this means we add a little extra time to a preorder or wait to put an item on sale until we have it in our warehouse.

Make sure you’re reading through the product page of any item you’d like to order to see if there is a pre-order bubble! That bubble will let you know when to expect your order to ship. If there is no bubble, it means we’ll be able to ship the item out right away! Here's an example of what to look for:

Blue circle with black text saying "pre-order, this item will not ship until the 4th week of may. your entire order will ship together at that time. Please plan accordingly"

So, long story short, we’re working to make sure these delays don’t affect your order! In the rare case that it does, we will send you an email from as soon as we know there is an issue to let you know what is going on and the new timeline to expect! 

We really appreciate everyone’s patience with their orders and will continue to work to get your awesome items to you as quickly as possible!

For any other questions, visit our FAQ or send an email to