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Sean Real & Their 99% Orchestra 7" Vinyl Record

By: 99% Invisible

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Sean Real & Their 99% Orchestra

Curated original music from 99% Invisible episodes, composed and produced by Sean Real.

Mastered by Piper Payne at Neato! Mastering.

Album art by Courtney Riddle.

Side A:

1. Roamin' Mars Satellite (280 Half Measures)
2. Alvar Aalto (265 The Pool & the Stream)
3. Beaux Arts (200 Miss Manhattan)
4. The Loom (Articles of Interest #1)

Side B:

5. One Man News Outlet (327 A Year in the Dark)
6. Public Body (200 Miss Manhattan)
7. Move Entire Cities (293 Managed Retreat)
**Purchase includes 7 .mp3 downloads of the digital tracks. To add digital tracks, add the vinyl to your cart and add the digital download in the window that pops up. To purchase just the digital download click here.

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